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About Us:

Endoscope Surgery Procedure

Our staff loves animals! They love them so much that they made a career out of it.  When your pet is in our care, they'll be treated with the care and affection that you'd give them yourself.

Dr. Tal Guidry was born and raised in North Lafayette.  He has practiced veterinary medicine in this area since 1997, and was fortunate enough to open his own hospital in 2010.  He is a proud graduate of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine,Class of 1992.  Dr. Guidry enjoys all aspects of small animal practice, but has a special interest in surgery, especially orthopedic repairs.  He gratefully accepts orthopedic and other surgical referrals from veterinarians across the greater Lafayette and Lake Charles areas.

Dr. Guidry can't do this work alone! Our staff is highly qualified and skilled in veterinary nursing care.  From assisting during patient exams to surgical monitoring to performing lab work, our staff is capable of giving top notch care to your four legged family members.

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